If I have an existing combination boiler can I install a mixer shower ?

It depends if your boiler is fully-modulating or step-modulating as far as showering is concerned your boiler must be fully-modulated.

Newer boilers are generally fully modulated, and are suitable for mixer showers.

If you are unsure whether your old combination boiler / gas water heater is fully-modulating or step-modulating you should check your instructions or contact the manufacturer for advice.( Most combination boilers are suuitable )

A wee bit techi....!

The heat output from a fully-modulating combination boiler can be varied from full off to full on, giving fine control between the minimum and maximum temperatures it produces. This is performed by the boiler's gas control valve automatically varying the amount of gas it allows through in direct relation to the water outlet flow (Good for mixer showers)

check your instructions or contact the manufacturer for advice. Link for manufactures contacts http://www.boileradvice.com/boiler-manufacturers

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